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Dashboard Vision

Now you don’t have to compromise when you need to offer both editable PowerPoint reporting and Dashboards for your projects.

Dashboard Studio is the only platform that can use your uploaded data for our powerful PowerPoint Flow automation software and Dashboards.

Dashboard Studio

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Roger Jackson

“Dashboard Vision has done a fantastic job as our technology partner building and managing our international shopper benchmarking system. They are experts in transforming MR data into online products.

Roger Jackson

Shopper Intelligence

How it works


Dashboard Studio was built especially for survey data but if you need to add other data sources, no problem. Our importing module helps you clean your files so that you can start exploring your data in minutes.

Upload Data Sources
Define how the data will be presented exactly the way your client expects.


Access your questions, response options, calculation type, weighting, significance levels, ranking options and more. This is where you define how the data will be presented exactly the way your client expects.


Whether it’s PowerPoint, or online graphics you have the flexibility to choose what is best for your project and clients.

PPT Flow
PPT Flow
PowerPoint Flow

PowerPoint Flow

Enabling your users to get the data they want in editable PowerPoint fast without the hassles of cross tabs.

There is now a better way (finally!) to get users the data they want in editable PowerPoint fast.

Introducing PowerPoint Flow, an advanced PPT reporting solution which eliminates the need for crosstabs because your users can filter the data directly, themselves.

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Zen Dashboard

Zen Dashboards

Helping you build dashboards that are quick to build, fit for purpose and easy for clients to use.

Not sure how to build a dashboard? Feel overwhelmed by all the options to choose? We think so too.

Dashboard Studio eliminates the stress out of dashboard design and lets you concentrate on what you want to show – not how you want to show it.

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Share Reports


Our Users and User Group modules allow you to give access to My Reports where they can see their PowerPoint reports, Dashboards and set their data permissions.


Built in analytics allows you to see where what users are accessing which parts and how often supporting your customer retention and training efforts.

Built in analytics

Reporting solutions with Dashboard Studio

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