Your Ideal Path To Insights

Your Ideal Path To Insights

Optimized for business intelligence tools


A new software platform for market research and market intelligence data

Dashboard Vision’s data-to-insights reporting platform will help you take full advantage of powerful business intelligence and PowerPoint solutions, so that you can deliver exceptional value to your clients.

Thanks to the advanced data management interface, there will be no more tedious data fiddling. Upload your raw data, group it, and visualize quickly. Data groupings are applied to subsequent waves, therefore dramatically reducing data processing time.

Whether you need a reporting solution for only one or for numerous projects, our platform scales to meet your business needs at a price that lets you grow at your pace.

Dashboard Solutions Coming Soon


Our dashboarding tools use advanced analytics, machine learning and natural language query capabilities of business intelligence tools to report your data. You’ll always have access to cutting-edge graphics, lightning-fast queries, and advances in artificial intelligence.

Our unique, proprietary PPT reporting tool will let you create your own templates online, set up filters generate branded, editable PPT reports. You don’t need to create a new template each time – re-use or just tweak the existing ones, depending on your client’s needs.   

Dashboard Vision’s intuitive interface will make it easy to get started! Here are things to consider before your start your story-creation adventure:

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