Cooking Up a Christmas Storm in the Dashboard Vision Kitchen

It’s been quite the year hasn’t it? Here in Budapest, the restrictions have tightened ahead of the holiday season. No indoors meetings in groups larger than 10. A curfew between 8pm and 5am. 

These safety measurements made it hard to gather for our annual Dashboard Vision Christmas dinner. So this year, we had to get creative. Luckily, Tibor had a grand idea. He’d found a company that offers virtual cooking classes and team-building events. 

We picked a day, received all the ingredients needed, and gathered around our computers in our respective kitchens. And so, we were led by Scottish chef Paul in a British Indian cooking class.

Dashboard Vision Team on Screen Having an Indian Cooking Class

Not only did we learn to make delicious recipes, but we also got a lesson on one of the most famous curries – tikka masala. The story began in the Shish Mahal restaurant in Glasgow. British Pakistani chef Ali Ahmed Aslam, the owner of the restaurant, received a complaint from a guest: “the chicken is dry”. This complaint led to chef Ali improvising a sauce made from yogurt, cream and spice. Tikka masala was born!

You must be curious about the food. Let me tell you what our menu looked like:

  • Mulligatawny curried sweet potato coconut soup
  • Chicken tikka masala
  • Pulao rice
  • Chappati (an indian flatbread)
  • Mango chutney

Of course, any dinner would be incomplete without a nice bottle of Hungarian wine!

Delicious British Indian Dinner with Hungarian Wine

Even though we couldn’t be together physically, we still had the shared experience of creating something together. The fact that it was something edible made it all the more interesting. Once we finished preparing our food, we had dinner with our families or friends.

With everyone working from home, we knew the importance of maintaining a team feeling. Especially around now as the year comes to an end. 

How have you adapted your team events and holiday parties this year?

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